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Energy Light is a contract manufacturer that always makes use of the newest technology in the industry to ensure you get the ideal benefit of your operations and savings. We wish to become your association partner for your energy-optimized illumination, also as second opinion.

We economise and provide reassurance

We make great efforts to adjust LED tubes and other LED lamps to existing luminaires, as our philosophy is that it is a waste of resources to throw out something that works well. But the solution is not always LED. We look at all possible aspects to create the best result for the client. The savings should fit your needs now and in the future.

At Energy Light we use our professional partners for the execution of the installation. They are located across the country and therefore always close to your area.

Our trade with the best and often major suppliers in the market means we can always give a good, competitive offer, which gives you the optimum benefits. We have a number of agencies, which ensures that we always find the best solution. Energy Light is 100 % Danish owned with good agencies through our associates in Hong Kong, which are also part of our RD strategy.

We are agents for good manufacturers and have strong partnerships. Therefore you can expect that products comply with the latest development and the quality is high and prices competitive.

Always near you

Energy Light is located in Hjortespring/Herlev and we have service partners as well as cooperation partners in your area.

Kenni Andersen founded the company and with his many years of experience in technical project management and innovation he creates results, not seen before in Denmark.

Stifter Kenni Andersen

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Energy Light ApS

Gl. Klausdalsbrovej 491, Hjortespring, 2730 Herlev 
Telefon +45 42 533 597
E-mail: info@energylight.dk * Bestil online energi nyheder

Herlev - Hong Kong

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